Company History

Over 40 Years as an Industrial-Level Dried Ingredient Supplier

The Origin of BCFoods – From California to the World

Our story began in 1978. Freeze Dried Products opened in California to sell industrial freeze-dried vegetables and fruits to the US market. As we expanded our product line to include air dried vegetables, we changed our name to FDP USA, and then to BCFoods in 2013.

Our customers are primarily in consumer packaged goods (CPG), the food and beverage industry (F&B), and the companion animal market (pet food). Throughout our years in business, we have always focused on meeting our customers’ product development needs while providing the highest level of service in the industry. Whether it’s our industry-leading quality levels, our competitive prices, or through our regional teams throughout the world dedicated to providing local support, our goal is to delight our customers every time they interact with BCFoods!

BCFoods Company History

BCFoods Today – Multinational with Product Diversity

Today, we have farmland, manufacturing facilities, and sales offices worldwide. We also have strategic partnerships established globally with top ingredient manufacturers who supply exclusively to BCFoods and meet our stringent quality requirements just as our own factories do.

This global sourcing strategy provides counter seasonal crops that limit risk, provide added forecast flexibility and offer competitive prices worldwide. In this way, we ensure that our multinational customers have convenient access to a wide range of ingredients from a single source.

Our Quality Assurance experts travel worldwide to monitor our supply chain through on-site facility inspections, confirming good agricultural practices (GAP), processing and packing of products for BCFoods and to ensure they meet our stringent foods safety standards, HACCP and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Culinary Farms Acquired by BCFoods

In 2017, BCFoods acquired Woodland, CA company Culinary Farms. Complementing the BCFoods line of industrial dehydrated vegetable ingredients, Culinary Farms offers a platform of artisan products to add flavor, including:

  • Varietal Chilies
  • Savory Dried Tomato Products
  • Frozen & Shelf-Stable Pastes & Purees
  • Authentic World Seasonings & Flavors
  • Craft Smoked Flavors, Dried Ingredients & Inclusions

The investment in Culinary Farms, including its fields, drying and production facilities, falls in line with BCFoods’ model of vertical integration, from farm to fork. It also provides customers with a truly “one stop shop” for high quality, competitively priced dried vegetable and spice ingredients.

P. Visser & Zoon B.V. Acquired by BCFoods

In 2019, BCFoods acquired Dutch company P. Visser & Zoon B.V., which is a well-known Dutch importer and wholesaler of spices, seeds, herbs and dehydrated vegetables.

The acquisition will help BCFoods extend the growth of our spice business worldwide. In addition, P. Visser & Zoon B.V. will provide us with a foothold in Europe to further expand our model of providing ‘global sourcing and local services’.

P. Visser & Zoon B.V. offers a platform of spices and herbs, including:

  • Cardamom
  • Cassia
  • Cloves
  • Ginger
  • Nutmeg
  • Oregano
  • Pepper
  • Pimento
  • Star anise

BCFoods has been in business for over forty years as a dried ingredient supplier. Visit our products page to see our full line of dehydrated vegetables, spices, herbs, fruits and more.

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