BCFoods’ White Onion Harvest at Xingtai Factory

on September 13, 2023

BCFoods is excited to share an update on our new BCFoods Xingtai factory (officially opened in November 2020) preparing now to harvest and dehydrate our 2023 White Onion crop. 

We will be harvesting our trial plantings of white onion in the Hebei region starting in the next two weeks. This trial harvest will complement our current Gansu origin Onion crop, which will also be harvested soon.

  • For the Hebei region, one of the big advantages is the larger farmland, with the average size being 100 acres, whereas the average size in Gansu is 1/4 acre.
  • Our Hebei plantings are using the same seeds (sourced in the Netherlands) that we use in Gansu, so we are projecting similar solids at 20%+.
  • BCFoods Xingtai has implemented several sustainability measures including a partnership with the nearby (nextdoor) power plant. This partnership involves repurposing our onion and garlic waste materials for bio-fuel production. We also use their steam resources, which have zero GHG emissions, to support the operation of our dehydration units.
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Shannon WesleyBCFoods’ White Onion Harvest at Xingtai Factory

Agri-Neo and BCFoods announce partnership to advance food safety of dehydrated vegetables and spices in China

on September 8, 2023

Agri-Neo, a leader in pasteurization of low-moisture foods, is pleased to announce its partnership with BCFoods, a global leader in the industrial ingredient category. BCFoods plans to implement the Neo-Pure pasteurization system into its processing facility in ShandongChina, in Q4 of this year. This innovative system will be employed to offer an additional validated kill step into the cleaning and dehydration process, guaranteeing the utmost quality and safety of ingredients produced, beginning with initial crop of dehydrated onions.

“BCFoods takes pride in our high-quality ingredients,” said Mike Liu, Chairman of BCFoods. “We have been in the industrial dehydrated vegetable and spice industry for over forty years and are recognized for being at the forefront of food safety. The Neo-Pure integration into our Shandong facility demonstrates our commitment to implementing innovative technology to ensure food quality and safety. With Neo-Pure, we can offer our customers ready-to-eat (RTE) products that are made safe using a validated organic pasteurization process.”

“The partnership between Agri-Neo and BCFoods sets a new food safety standard in the Chinese dehydrated vegetable and spice market,” said Robert Wong, President of Agri-Neo. “Agri-Neo’s innovation in food safety combined with BCFoods’ global footprint and recognition will immediately impact the global ingredients market. Furthermore, this partnership strengthens our leadership in food safety for the dehydrated vegetable and spice industry. China is one of the largest origin countries for many ingredients such as dehydrated onion and garlic. We are thrilled to work with BCFoods to expand the Neo-Pure Pasteurized (NPP) product portfolio in China.”

BCFoods will be highlighting and sharing information about Neo-Pure Pasteurized (NPP) products at SupplySide West 2023 in Las Vegas in October.

About Agri-Neo
The Agri-Neo mission is to help safely feed the world by creating technology that sets new food safety standards. Neo-Pure™, developed by Agri-Neo, eliminates harmful pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria while maintaining the nutrition and quality that flourishes naturally in food. Agri-Neo has a dedicated team of food scientists, researchers, and engineers to launch more food safety solutions for many high-risk food groups in the future. For more information, visit www.agri-neo.com.

About BCFoods
BCFoods has been in the dehydrated vegetable and spice industry since 1978 and has manufacturing plants, distribution facilities and sales offices worldwide. BCFoods offers an extensive selection of premium food ingredients to the industrial ingredient markets that are consistent, affordable, and safe. BCFoods is firmly committed to sustainability and innovation, placing particular emphasis on vertical integration and delivering customized solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

Media Contact

Matthew You, Agri-Neo Inc., 1 6474567905, matthew.you@agri-neo.comwww.agri-neo.com

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Shannon WesleyAgri-Neo and BCFoods announce partnership to advance food safety of dehydrated vegetables and spices in China

On Dec 1 2021, BCFoods Shandong and Shandong Agricultural University came together to build their cooperation in digitalization and standardization

on December 8, 2021

On Dec 1, Mike Liu, Chairman and CEO of BCFoods Shandong Co., Ltd. and his team visited Shandong Agricultural University and had an in-depth discussion with the President Zhang Xiansheng, as well as other leaders from the School of Food Science and Engineering of the University, on in-depth university-enterprise cooperation. The two sides signed a University-Enterprise Cooperation Agreement, laying a good foundation for the next close cooperation.

The two sides will jointly build the Shandong Provincial Digital Seasoning R&D Center, based on the innovative and entrepreneurial talents from Taishan scholarship program, to promote the digitalization and standardization of China seasoning industry!

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Michelle WestOn Dec 1 2021, BCFoods Shandong and Shandong Agricultural University came together to build their cooperation in digitalization and standardization