BCFoods’ Strategic Partner Unveils Wood Fueled Drying Plant

on March 21, 2023

BCFoods’ strategic partner in Germany, Steinicke, is not only a leader in the manufacturing of dried herbs and vegetables, but also a leader in sustainable energy. After three years in the making, the first official firing of their wood fueled drying plant has been unveiled!

Steinicke has committed to being carbon neutral by 2025 (direct emissions, Scope 1) and the wood fueled drying plant is a significant step toward achieving this goal. This revolutionary plant is designed to burn wood that will supply the energy source for Steinicke’s vegetable dryers. The wood used can come from a variety of sources, including their wood chopping plant or even leftover wood from building sites. The expelled gas from the fire runs through multiple special filters to significantly reduce any toxicity from the fire.

This new drying process reduces Steinicke’s CO2 direct emissions by 8,000 tons and has replaced a massive portion of their need to use fossil fuels for the heating process to dry vegetables. Test runs were performed in February and beginning in April, crops will be processed without fossil fuel – the vegetable dryers will run on electricity produced by the wood power plant!

BCFoods is dedicated to supporting new and existing sustainable practices. We are improving our water use, wastewater recycling, and focusing on replenishing sources of clean water as well as working to reduce the pollution put out by our dehydration and processing and reducing our overall carbon footprint.

We are proud to partner with Steinicke – a company that is committed to the goal of moving away from fossil fuels toward sustainable energy – one milestone at a time.

For more information on BCFoods’ Sustainability programs, contact Hai Su at hai.su@bcfoods.com.

Learn more about Steinicke at Steinicke » About us (steinicke-gmbh.de)

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Shannon WesleyBCFoods’ Strategic Partner Unveils Wood Fueled Drying Plant

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