Infrared Device (IRD)

The Next Evolution in Food Safety

All BCFoods products undergo steps to reduce or eliminate pathogenic bacteria, contaminants, mold, and other harmful elements. Our IRD treatment is available at our Illinois, U.S. location.

  • Natural & Suitable for Organic

    No additives, chemicals, or gases

  • Ready-To-Eat

    Meets FSMA RTE guidelines

  • Validated Alternative

    Alternative to irradiation, ETO, PPO, and steam treatment

  • Gentle Process

    Preserves color, flavor, volatile oils

  • Shorter Processing Times

    Treated in-house at our US factory

  • Continuous Process

    Increased efficiencies


  • Pathogen Control
  • Micro Reduction
  • Drying
  • Roasting
  • Toasting

What is an Infrared Device (IRD)?

Infrared is a natural process that does not use chemicals or gases, validated by independent labs to eliminate pathogen risk.

The Infrared Device (IRD) uses infrared light – a natural part of sunlight – to heat food particles from the inside. In this way, humidity is driven from the inside out, removing any risk of damage that may affect flavor or result in surface discoloration.

This allows a gentle process, maintaining the natural color and flavor of the material.

The constant and gentle rotation of the drum provides uniform exposure of the product to the light, preventing dead spots. Even fragile products (such as spinach flake or laurel leaves), products with high oil content (such as cumin or citrus peel), or herbs that tend to lose their volatile oil with traditional heat systems (such as basil, oregano, or sage) can be treated with success.

The application of a fine mist of water enables a 5-log reduction in the bacterial counts while protecting the organoleptic properties of spices and herbs. Coating with salt, coloring, and flavor extracts during this phase is also an advantageous option.

  • Natural: no additives, chemicals, or gases
  • Less impact on product organoleptics (such as color) versus steam and other treatments
  • Gentle process helps to maintain volatile oil levels
  • All production occurs at our factory, leading to shorter processing times and less cost
  • Suitable for organic processing

Spinach Flake

Parsley Flake

Dehydrated spinach flake before undergoing IRD treatment

Spinach flake before IRD treatment

Dehydrated spinach flake after undergoing IRD treatment process

Spinach flake after IRD treatment

Dehydrated parsley flake before undergoing IRD treatment process

Parsley flake before IRD treatment

Dehydrated parsley flake after undergoing IRD treatment process

Parsley flake after IRD treatment

IRD Validations

IRD certification conducted by a third-party laboratory.

Ask your sales rep for more information or results.


IRD Equipment

The equipment can handle a large variety of products from fragile herbs to vegetables.

We are unable to IRD powder, but we can IRD flakes/grans that can then be milled into powder.

We’ve successfully used the IRD equipment for:

  • Pathogen Control
  • Dehydration
  • Roasting/Toasting

Available Microbiological Control Options

Aside from IRD, BCFoods offers other microbiological control options such as:

Steam-Treated • Irradiation • ETO • PPO

Michelle WestInfrared Device (IRD) Validated Treatment