Dried Carrot

Colorful • Flavorful • Versatile | Health Benefits for Humans & Pets

Carrot originally grew wild throughout Persia and was first domesticated in central Asia. Today, it is a staple vegetable in every cuisine worldwide. The sweet yet earthy root is colorful, flavorful, versatile, and is commonly used in both savory and sweet applications. Carrots pair well with peas, celery, and parsley.

Carrots are well known for supporting eye health(1), due to their high levels of beta-carotene. Studies show that carrots may also support healthy immune, cardiovascular, digestive, and cellular function(2). Carrots are also a healthy ingredient for our furry friends, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and other animal companions(3).

Our wide variety of air-dried orange carrot cuts enable the addition of flavorful, nutritious carrot to many applications, including instant noodles, soup mixes, packaged rice meals, snacks, baked goods, and cake mixes. Carrots are also a popular ingredient in pet food.

Ask your sales rep about organic options, freeze-dried and puff-dried carrots, and fire-roasted puffed carrots from Culinary farms.

Sustainable • Traceable • Reliable Quality • Competitive Prices

BCFoods has made great progress in our work to provide sustainable ingredients. We are proud to offer a sustainable option for the majority of our products, including carrot, where we have contracted with farmers growing fresh carrot for dehydration who have been awarded third-party certification for sustainable agriculture. We use the latest technology, local education, and local partnerships to reduce water use/waste, land erosion, pesticide overuse, soil and groundwater contamination, and biodiversity loss. Learn more about our sustainable agriculture and production practices.

With feet on the ground and strong quality oversight, you can rely on BCFoods carrot to maintain consistent color and flavor.

dehydrated air-dried cross-cut carrot

Cross Cut

dehydrated air-dried carrot flake


dehydrated air-dried carrot shoestring


dehydrated air-dried carrot strips


puffed cubed carrot


dehydrated air-dried granulated carrot


dehydrated air-dried carrot powder


We can meet your size demands. Ask your sales rep for more information and minimum quantities.

  • Dehydrated carrot is prepared from fresh, mature carrots that have been washed, peeled, trimmed, sliced to specification, blanched, dried or puff-dried, and finished processed.
  • This product complies with current Good Manufacturing Practice in Manufacturing, Packaging, and Holding Human Food (21 CFR 117), and with the Code of Hygiene Practice for Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables (CAC/RCP-5-1971, Rev. 2-1985), General Principles of Food Hygiene (CAC/RCP1969, Rev 2-1985).
  • Product shall be free of ferrous and non-ferrous metal >1.0mm, 300 series stainless steel >1.5mm.
    Practically free of extraneous vegetable matter and other foreign material based on processing capabilities.
  • Product is Kosher.

Hydration (Air-Dried): Allow 20-25 minutes in boiling water, and 1-2 hours in cold water. Typical re-hydration ratio is about 1:10 (dry: fresh)

Hydration (Puff-Dried): Allow 3-5 minutes in boiling water, and 1-2 hours in cold water. Typical re-hydration ratio is about 1:10 (dry: fresh)

Color: Bright orange to redish-orange with some white core.


  • Recommended storage is in a cool dry area.
  • Shelf life under normal conditions is 24 months.

Ask your sales rep for full product specs.

Carrot nutritional information

BCFoods Disclaimer: The nutritional information above has been obtained from BCFoods lab tested samples and/or multiple public nutritional data sources. Values given are supplied as an aid only, BCFoods is not conducting individual lot testing and does not guarantee specific levels, and thus this information should not be used to determine final product labeling. Please call your BCFoods representative for questions.

BCFoods operates and partners with carrot farms in China, Peru, Germany, and Poland.

All BCFoods products undergo steps to reduce or eliminate pathogenic bacteria and other harmful elements.

Ask your sales rep for available pathogen control options including:

Instant Noodles

Packaged Rice Meals


Baked Goods & Mixes

Pet Food

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Our BCFoods sales team is here to assist you with technical support, product samples, nutritional information, etc.

We have regional teams that can respond to your inquiry quickly, no matter where you are located worldwide.

We appreciate your feedback and look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your next project. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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