Pet Food Ingredients

Human-Grade  •  USDA/CFIA Certified

Today, consumers are reading the ingredient labels of the food they buy for their beloved dogs and cats. They’re looking for ingredients they recognize as healthy. After all, pets are more than animals – they are family members, and owners understand good ingredients may support the health and life spans of their “fur babies.”

BCFoods offers the best pet food ingredients at the right price, straight from the source.

  Human Grade

  • Fit for both pet and human consumption as approved by the FDA
  • Does not include out-of-date ingredients or waste

  Custom Sizes

  • Custom cuts to fit your formula

  Custom Blending

  • Expert formulation
  • Lower cost
  • Reliable delivery

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Sustainable • Traceable • Reliable Quality • Competitive Prices

BCFoods has made great progress in our work to provide sustainable ingredients. We are proud to offer a sustainable option for the majority of our products, where we have contracted with farmers growing fresh vegetables for dehydration who have been awarded third-party certification for sustainable agriculture. We use the latest technology, local education, and local partnerships to reduce water use/waste, land erosion, pesticide overuse, soil and groundwater contamination, and biodiversity loss. Learn more about our sustainable agriculture and production practices.

With feet on the ground and strong quality oversight, you can rely on BCFoods to maintain consistent quality, color, and flavor.




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