Green Banana Powder

Paleo • Gluten-Free • Nut-Free • Low-Glycemic • Prebiotic

Green banana powder is made from unripe yellow bananas. It has been popular in Africa and Jamaica for some time as a less expensive alternative to wheat flour. More recently, it’s gained popularity in the United States and other countries for its health benefits and because it meets the needs of a variety of health-conscious diets. Raw, it has a mild banana flavor. Cooked, it loses the banana flavor and gains some earthiness.

All bananas are great sources of potassium, magnesium, manganese, vitamins B6, and C. Green bananas, however, have not yet developed the sugar content present when ripe and yellow. They are very high in resistant starch, which turns into sugar as bananas ripen, and pectin, which breaks down when a banana becomes over-ripe. Resistant starch and pectin may support many aspects of health, including healthy appetite control and digestive health.(1) Prebiotics such as green banana flour are growing in popularity as their relationship with probiotics is becoming more widely understood in digestive health and immune support.

BCFoods green banana powder is an ideal ingredient for paleo, gluten-free, nut-free, and low glycemic applications, such as bread, cookies, baking mixes, and snack bars. It’s also a perfect addition to smoothies and a great thickener for dips and spreads.

  • Dehydrated Green Banana is prepared from fresh green banana which has been washed, peeled, cut, dried, and finished processed.
  • This product complies with current Good Manufacturing Practice in Manufacturing, Packaging, and Holding Human Food (21 CFR 117), and with the Code of Hygiene Practice for Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables (CAC/RCP-5-1971, Rev. 2-1985), General Principles of Food Hygiene (CAC/RCP1969, Rev 2-1985).
  • Product shall be free of ferrous and non-ferrous metal >1.0mm, 300 series stainless steel >1.5mm. Practically free of extraneous vegetable matter and other foreign material based on processing capabilities.
  • Product is Kosher.

Color: Light beige.


  • Recommended storage is in a cool dry area.
  • Shelf life is 18 months if stored at 20°C or 68°F, max 70% humidity

Ask your sales rep for full product specs.

Nutrition of air-dried green banana flour powder

BCFoods Disclaimer: The nutritional information above has been obtained from BCFoods lab tested samples and/or multiple public nutritional data sources. Values given are supplied as an aid only, BCFoods is not conducting individual lot testing and does not guarantee specific levels, and thus this information should not be used to determine final product labeling. Please call your BCFoods representative for questions.

BCFoods sources green bananas for dehydration from Peru.

All BCFoods products undergo steps to reduce or eliminate pathogenic bacteria and other harmful elements.

Ask your sales rep for available pathogen control options including:

  • Irradiated

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