BCFoods and Culinary Farms
Celebrate Two-Year Anniversary

on October 3, 2019

Two years ago, BCFoods and Culinary Farms announced the acquisition of Culinary Farms by BCFoods.

Complementing the BCFoods line of industrial ingredients, Culinary Farms offers a platform of artisan products, including:

  • Varietal Chilies
  • Savory Dried Tomato Products
  • Frozen & Shelf-Stable Pastes & Purees
  • Authentic World Seasonings & Flavors
  • Craft Smoked Flavors, Dried Ingredients & Inclusions

“Bringing Culinary Farms and BCFoods together has broadened the capabilities for both companies,” remarked Mike Liu, CEO of BCFoods. “Through Culinary Farms, we at BCFoods can offer our customers the craft ingredients with authentic world flavors produced by Culinary Farms and Culinary Farms can provide their trend-forward specialty ingredients to BCFoods’ worldwide customer base.”

The investment in Culinary Farms, including its fields, drying and production facilities, falls in line with BCFoods’ model of vertical integration, from farm to fork.The BCFoods ownership allows both companies to grow their access to global supply and expand their product offerings to customers worldwide.

“Joining with BCFoods has provided us opportunities that were not available as a small private company,” added Bal Pattar, General Manager of Culinary Farms. “We’re now able to expand our product line and production rate without compromising on quality or sustainability, two ideals that BCFoods and Culinary Farms share.”

About BCFoods & Culinary Farms

BCFoods produces a wide range of dehydrated vegetables, herbs, spices and select fruits.

Culinary Farms offers a unique line of products including dried tomatoes, specialty chilies, roasted and smoked products, and custom flavors and seasonings.

Combining these offerings provides our customers with a truly “one stop shop” for high quality, competitively priced food ingredients.  

  • Clean label natural ingredients? We have you covered!
  • Certified sustainably grown vegetables? We are the leaders!
  • Custom flavor solutions? We’ll help you develop it with products under our controls from the field through dehydration!

Contact your local BCFoods Sales Rep to get started with your next order.

Michelle WestBCFoods and Culinary Farms
Celebrate Two-Year Anniversary

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