BCFoods has earned the Supplier LOCT GHG Scope 1 and 2 Footprint, and GHG Scope 3 Footprint badge(s).

on January 17, 2024

BCFoods participates in the Supplier Leadership on Climate Transition (Supplier LOCT), an online learning collaborative that provides guidance on measuring and reporting on greenhouse gas emissions and setting science-based targets. This program is a collaboration of global brands and suppliers committed to carbon emissions reductions.

BCFoods is proud to report that through our participation in the global LOCT collaborative, we have earned the Supplier LOCT GHG Scope 1 and 2 Footprint, and GHG Scope 3 Footprint badge(s). This signifies our development of greenhouse gas footprints that meet GHG Protocol and Science-Based Targets Initiative standards with the support of the Supplier LOCT collaborative.

Supplier Leadership on Climate Transition (Supplier LOCT) is an educational platform and company collaborative created to accelerate action towards reducing supply chain carbon emissions.

Learn more: supplierloct.com

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Shannon WesleyBCFoods has earned the Supplier LOCT GHG Scope 1 and 2 Footprint, and GHG Scope 3 Footprint badge(s).

Harnessing Nutrient-Rich Goodness: Sweet Potato from BCFoods

on January 15, 2024

Sweet potato has emerged as a versatile and nutrient-packed alternative in the world of food and beverage. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber, sweet potato is a game-changer for health-conscious consumers.

BCFoods offers a variety of sizes from powder to granules, dices and even full slices used as pet treats.  We pride ourselves on using premium, non-GMO sweet potatoes from trusted farmers. Our processing includes a validated kill-step at our state-of-the-art processing facility ensuring that every batch retains the maximum nutritional value and is ready to eat.  Additionally, we source our product for dehydration from irregular potatoes originating from fresh packaging and processing, as well as surplus from perfectly viable products. This diverts surplus and seemingly imperfect food from landfill and ensure that these resources are repurposed to enhance the nutritional content and flavor of packaged food for both humans and pets globally.

Rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins A and C, dehydrated sweet potato offers a convenient way to boost the nutritional content of your products and cater to health-conscious consumers who are actively seeking nutrient-dense alternatives. Incredibly versatile, it can be seamlessly integrated into a myriad of products. Whether you’re in the food, pet food, beverage, or supplement industry, consider incorporating sweet potato powder into smoothie mixes, baked goods, soups, sauces, snacks and pet food. Our orange and purple sweet potato powders can also be used as a natural, clean-label food color.

Sweet Potato from BCFoods represents more than just ingredients; they embody a commitment to quality, nutrition, and innovation. With BCFoods as your trusted partner, we can collaborate and explore customization options that align with your brand. Whether it’s a specific cut or a tailored blend, BCFoods is dedicated to working with you to meet your product specifications.

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Shannon WesleyHarnessing Nutrient-Rich Goodness: Sweet Potato from BCFoods

Intricacies of Cassia Cultivation in Vietnam

on December 19, 2023

Astrisia and Nicole, colleagues in the Quality and Purchasing departments at BCFoods Europe, recently seized a unique opportunity to explore the intricacies of cassia cultivation in Vietnam. Their visit encompassed the entire cassia production process, spanning from planting to pre-processing, as well as auditing suppliers.

Among the five countries cultivating cassia, Vietnam holds the third position, following Indonesia and China. The quality of Vietnamese cassia is often compared to that of Indonesian cassia and cinnamon from Sri Lanka. There are significant differences between the two in the thickness of bark, coumarin content, and taste.

The harvesting season for cassia in Vietnam runs from June to September, strategically timed to maximize sun exposure for drying the bark. Cassia trees undergo a three-year growth period in a nursery before being transplanted onto mountain slopes. While a minimum age of six years yields a productive tree, farmers have the discretion to decide whether to harvest it or let it mature further. The older the cassia trees, the higher the quality in terms of volatile oil content. Farmers benefit from this flexibility, as allowing trees to mature longer can result in better prices due to improved quality. During their visit, Astrisia and Nicole saw cassia trees exceeding 30 years old, but unfortunately the global decline in interest among younger generations in pursuing cassia farming raises questions about the industry’s future.

Vietnamese cassia faces annual challenges in supplying the EU market, particularly concerning fluctuating lead levels caused by natural occurrences in Yen Bai province’s soil, a primary Vietnamese cassia growing region. These challenges, coupled with quality expectations related to volatile oil, appearance, and roll percentage, underscore the importance of transparency in sourcing to ensure compliant materials. The team is delighted to be in Vietnam, actively fostering communication and strengthening BCFoods‘ cassia supply chain.

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Shannon WesleyIntricacies of Cassia Cultivation in Vietnam

BCFoods Makes Generous Donation to Local Food Bank on Giving Tuesday

on November 28, 2023

Pictured from left to right: Liz (REFB), Katie (REFB), Mike (BCFoods), Rachelle (REFB)

This Giving Tuesday, BCFoods announces their annual contribution to the Redwood Empire Food Bank (REFB). BCFoods has pledged a substantial donation of $5000 to those in need within the community, and because of the generous match program with Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, our donation will double – equaling $10,000! According to REFB, for every $1 received, they are able to provide $3 worth of healthy food, so in the end, our donation has resulted in $30,000 of food for people in our local community.

As the holiday season approaches, BCFoods is not just focused on serving delicious meals but is also committed to making a positive impact on the lives of others. The decision to support the Redwood Empire Food Bank aligns with BCFoods’ dedication to fostering community well-being and addressing the issue of hunger.

The Redwood Empire Food Bank, a pillar of support for families facing food insecurity and the largest hunger-relief organization in the area, works on the front lines of food, playing a crucial role in helping individuals, families, older people, and children.

“We believe in giving back to our community and there’s no better time than Giving Tuesday to make a meaningful contribution,” said Mike Bray, President for BCFoods. “As we have for more than 15 years, we are proud to partner with the Redwood Empire Food Bank to provide thousands of meals to those who need it the most. This is our way of spreading warmth and nourishment during the holiday season.”

The Redwood Empire Food Bank, known for its tireless efforts to combat hunger, expressed their gratitude for BCFoods’ donation. “This generous contribution from BCFoods will have a profound impact on the lives of many individuals and families in our community. It exemplifies the true spirit of Giving Tuesday, and we are incredibly thankful for their support,” remarked Rachelle Mesheau, Marketing Manager for Redwood Empire Food Bank.

BCFoods hopes that our charitable contribution is a powerful reminder of the positive change that can be achieved when businesses prioritize social responsibility. BCFoods’ commitment to making a difference in the community exemplifies the collective strength of businesses and nonprofits working together for a common goal.

#GivingTuesday #BCFoodsCares #CommunitySupport

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Shannon WesleyBCFoods Makes Generous Donation to Local Food Bank on Giving Tuesday

BCFoods’ White Onion Harvest at Xingtai Factory

on September 13, 2023

BCFoods is excited to share an update on our new BCFoods Xingtai factory (officially opened in November 2020) preparing now to harvest and dehydrate our 2023 White Onion crop. 

We will be harvesting our trial plantings of white onion in the Hebei region starting in the next two weeks. This trial harvest will complement our current Gansu origin Onion crop, which will also be harvested soon.

  • For the Hebei region, one of the big advantages is the larger farmland, with the average size being 100 acres, whereas the average size in Gansu is 1/4 acre.
  • Our Hebei plantings are using the same seeds (sourced in the Netherlands) that we use in Gansu, so we are projecting similar solids at 20%+.
  • BCFoods Xingtai has implemented several sustainability measures including a partnership with the nearby (nextdoor) power plant. This partnership involves repurposing our onion and garlic waste materials for bio-fuel production. We also use their steam resources, which have zero GHG emissions, to support the operation of our dehydration units.
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Shannon WesleyBCFoods’ White Onion Harvest at Xingtai Factory

Agri-Neo and BCFoods announce partnership to advance food safety of dehydrated vegetables and spices in China

on September 8, 2023

Agri-Neo, a leader in pasteurization of low-moisture foods, is pleased to announce its partnership with BCFoods, a global leader in the industrial ingredient category. BCFoods plans to implement the Neo-Pure pasteurization system into its processing facility in ShandongChina, in Q4 of this year. This innovative system will be employed to offer an additional validated kill step into the cleaning and dehydration process, guaranteeing the utmost quality and safety of ingredients produced, beginning with initial crop of dehydrated onions.

“BCFoods takes pride in our high-quality ingredients,” said Mike Liu, Chairman of BCFoods. “We have been in the industrial dehydrated vegetable and spice industry for over forty years and are recognized for being at the forefront of food safety. The Neo-Pure integration into our Shandong facility demonstrates our commitment to implementing innovative technology to ensure food quality and safety. With Neo-Pure, we can offer our customers ready-to-eat (RTE) products that are made safe using a validated organic pasteurization process.”

“The partnership between Agri-Neo and BCFoods sets a new food safety standard in the Chinese dehydrated vegetable and spice market,” said Robert Wong, President of Agri-Neo. “Agri-Neo’s innovation in food safety combined with BCFoods’ global footprint and recognition will immediately impact the global ingredients market. Furthermore, this partnership strengthens our leadership in food safety for the dehydrated vegetable and spice industry. China is one of the largest origin countries for many ingredients such as dehydrated onion and garlic. We are thrilled to work with BCFoods to expand the Neo-Pure Pasteurized (NPP) product portfolio in China.”

BCFoods will be highlighting and sharing information about Neo-Pure Pasteurized (NPP) products at SupplySide West 2023 in Las Vegas in October.

About Agri-Neo
The Agri-Neo mission is to help safely feed the world by creating technology that sets new food safety standards. Neo-Pure™, developed by Agri-Neo, eliminates harmful pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria while maintaining the nutrition and quality that flourishes naturally in food. Agri-Neo has a dedicated team of food scientists, researchers, and engineers to launch more food safety solutions for many high-risk food groups in the future. For more information, visit www.agri-neo.com.

About BCFoods
BCFoods has been in the dehydrated vegetable and spice industry since 1978 and has manufacturing plants, distribution facilities and sales offices worldwide. BCFoods offers an extensive selection of premium food ingredients to the industrial ingredient markets that are consistent, affordable, and safe. BCFoods is firmly committed to sustainability and innovation, placing particular emphasis on vertical integration and delivering customized solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

Media Contact

Matthew You, Agri-Neo Inc., 1 6474567905, matthew.you@agri-neo.comwww.agri-neo.com

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Shannon WesleyAgri-Neo and BCFoods announce partnership to advance food safety of dehydrated vegetables and spices in China

BCFoods Announces Opening of Facility in Canada

on May 9, 2023

BCFoods, a leading producer of high-quality food ingredients, is excited to announce the opening of BCFoods Canada, a new storage and distribution facility in Watford, ON Canada. The new facility will be a multi-faceted business improvement for the company, allowing us to better service our Canadian customers with a more localized distribution center and support team, as well as expanding 3PL business to Canada. Additionally, as BCFoods continues to grow, this facility will provide more storage space for North American operations.

The new facility, located near major transportation routes about 2 hours from Toronto, is 102K square feet that will include racking throughout and additional space for future production capabilities. The facility will be FSSC22000 audited and will incorporate industry leading safety protocols. Our strict quality control measures will ensure that every product that leaves the facility meets the highest standards.

BCFoods North American President, Mike Bray, spoke about the new facility, saying, “We’re thrilled to be opening this new facility, which represents a major investment in the future of our company. With this new facility, we’ll be able to offer our Canadian customers a more local distribution site with regional sales support while also helping to reduce costs and our GHG emissions by lowering our overall transportation mileage by bringing material directly into Canada vs. our Bolingbrook, IL factory.”

BCFoods Canada is expected to grow significantly over the next few years, with plans to offer our Canadian customers similar production/ storage capabilities as we currently have at our Illinois factory including custom blending, milling, centralized storage and 3PL services.  This will create new jobs in the local community, with positions including production line workers, operations support and quality control technicians.  BCFoods is committed to hiring locally and providing opportunities for growth and advancement within the company.

“Our goal has always been to delight our customers with the highest quality and service at competitive prices, while maintaining a positive work environment for our employees and a commitment towards our sustainability objectives”, says Bray.  “With this new facility, we are confident we’ll continue on this path.” 

For more information, contact Michael Sabo, Director of Operations, North America – michael.sabo@bcfoods.com

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Shannon WesleyBCFoods Announces Opening of Facility in Canada

In Celebration of Earth Day 2023

on April 21, 2023

As Earth Day approaches, it is important to reflect on the impact that we have on our planet and the steps we can take to protect it. At BCFoods, we believe that sustainability should be a year-round effort, and we are committed to doing our part to preserve the earth for future generations.

BCFoods farms thousands of acres of land to grow tens of thousands of tons of produce. According to the World Resources Institute, only about a quarter of commercial agricultural producers measure and manage their greenhouse gas emissions. We not only measure our emissions but also our effects on soil and ground water. We’re proud of the actions we take to reduce our environmental impact.

BCFoods’ Sustainability Efforts

One of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability is through responsible sourcing. We prioritize local and regional sourcing whenever possible, and we collaborate with suppliers who share our values and commitment to responsible farming practices. We believe that by supporting sustainable agriculture, we can reduce our environmental impact and promote a healthier food system.

In 2021, BCFoods embarked on a project at two local farms in China (over 600 acres) to address unnecessary usage of water and pesticides. Through this project, we helped our farmers to adopt drip irrigation and automation control through the BCFoods Agriculture App and pest risk forecast model. By switching flood irrigation to drip, our farmers reduced water use by 42.5% and reduced pesticide use by 2-3 applications for different seasons, compared to 3 calendar applications/season.

In our manufacturing processes, we prioritize energy efficiency, waste reduction, and water conservation. We use renewable energy sources when possible and continuously seek out new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Our waste reduction efforts include reducing packaging waste, repurposing byproducts, and recycling wherever possible.

Gold Level Farm Sustainability Assessment

Additionally, BCFoods has achieved Gold Level FSA. The Gold level FSA (Farm Sustainability Assessment) is a certification program that recognizes food companies for their commitment to sustainability. The FSA is a platform developed by the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) that helps food companies assess their sustainability performance across various areas, including environmental impact, social responsibility, and economic viability. The Gold level FSA certification is the highest level of certification awarded by the SFTA, and it indicates that a company has achieved a high level of sustainability performance and is committed to continuous improvement.Soil Sampling for Sustainability

This Earth Day, we want to remind our customers, suppliers, and partners of our commitment to sustainability and encourage them to join us in protecting the planet.

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Shannon WesleyIn Celebration of Earth Day 2023

Visit BCFoods at the Pet Food Forum

on April 3, 2023

Today, consumers are reading the ingredient labels of the food they buy for their beloved dogs and cats. They’re looking for ingredients they recognize as healthy. After all, pets are more than animals – they are family members, and owners understand good ingredients may support the health and life spans of their “fur babies.”

Be sure to stop by and say hi to us at the Pet Food Forum!


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Shannon WesleyVisit BCFoods at the Pet Food Forum

BCFoods’ Strategic Partner Unveils Wood Fueled Drying Plant

on March 21, 2023

BCFoods’ strategic partner in Germany, Steinicke, is not only a leader in the manufacturing of dried herbs and vegetables, but also a leader in sustainable energy. After three years in the making, the first official firing of their wood fueled drying plant has been unveiled!

Steinicke has committed to being carbon neutral by 2025 (direct emissions, Scope 1) and the wood fueled drying plant is a significant step toward achieving this goal. This revolutionary plant is designed to burn wood that will supply the energy source for Steinicke’s vegetable dryers. The wood used can come from a variety of sources, including their wood chopping plant or even leftover wood from building sites. The expelled gas from the fire runs through multiple special filters to significantly reduce any toxicity from the fire.

This new drying process reduces Steinicke’s CO2 direct emissions by 8,000 tons and has replaced a massive portion of their need to use fossil fuels for the heating process to dry vegetables. Test runs were performed in February and beginning in April, crops will be processed without fossil fuel – the vegetable dryers will run on electricity produced by the wood power plant!

BCFoods is dedicated to supporting new and existing sustainable practices. We are improving our water use, wastewater recycling, and focusing on replenishing sources of clean water as well as working to reduce the pollution put out by our dehydration and processing and reducing our overall carbon footprint.

We are proud to partner with Steinicke – a company that is committed to the goal of moving away from fossil fuels toward sustainable energy – one milestone at a time.

For more information on BCFoods’ Sustainability programs, contact Hai Su at hai.su@bcfoods.com.

Learn more about Steinicke at Steinicke » About us (steinicke-gmbh.de)

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Shannon WesleyBCFoods’ Strategic Partner Unveils Wood Fueled Drying Plant