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Spicy or Mild, Chili Pepper Popularity is Growing

Chili peppers originated in Mexico and Central America and are one of the oldest cultivated crops in the world. Today, they continue to be a staple in Mexican cuisine and have expanded to cuisines worldwide. According to the American Spice Trade Association (ASTA), the United States is the top importer of chili peppers in the world, which demonstrates the fast-growing popularity of chili peppers and spicy foods in the U.S.

Chili peppers are most famous for capsaicin, which is responsible for their spicy flavor and may also support a healthy inflammation response, metabolic, and heart health.1, 2 Although chili peppers are used to season and are rarely the main ingredient, their heat often makes them the primary flavor. They pair well with tomatoes, cilantro, and lime peel.

Our red (hot and sweet varieties available) and green (mild) chili peppers are available in flakes, crushed, or ground into powder. They can be used as pizza toppers or in pizza sauce, in seasoning blends, Instant Pot ready meals, instant noodle seasoning sachets, packaged rice and pasta meals, frozen skillet meals, sausages, meat-based snacks like salami, and many other applications.

dehydrated air-dried green chili pepper flakes


crushed red chili pepper


Ask your sales rep for additional cuts that may be available, including powder.

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  • Dehydrated Red Chili Pepper is prepared from fresh, mature, sound, red chili peppers which have been washed, inspected, cored, diced, dried, and finish processed.
  • Dehydrated Green Chili Pepper is prepared from fresh, mature, sound, mild green chile peppers which have been washed, inspected, cored, diced, dried, and finish processed.
  • These products comply with current Good Manufacturing Practice in Manufacturing, Packaging, and Holding Human Food (21 CFR 117), and with the Code of Hygiene Practice for Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables (CAC/RCP-5-1971, Rev. 2-1985), General Principles of Food Hygiene (CAC/RCP1969, Rev 2-1985).
  • Product shall be free of ferrous and non-ferrous metal >1.0mm, 300 series stainless steel >1.5mm.
    Practically free of extraneous vegetable matter and other foreign material based on processing capabilities.
  • Product is Kosher

Color (Red): Orange-red to dark red.

Color (Green): Powder is green to light green. Crushed flakes are dark green to green.

Hydration (Ground/Powder): Instant in hot water. Typical re-hydration ratio is about 1:11 (dry: fresh).

Hydration (Crushed Flakes): Allow 3-5 minutes for flakes in boiling water, and 1-2 hours in cold water. Typical re-hydration ratio is about 1:11 (dry: fresh).


  • Recommended storage is in a cool dry area.
  • Shelf life under normal conditions is 24 months.

Ask your sales rep for full product specs.

Green Chili Pepper

Nutritional information for green chili peppers

Red Chili Pepper

Nutritional information for red chili peppers

BCFoods Disclaimer: The nutritional information above has been obtained from BCFoods lab tested samples and/or multiple public nutritional data sources. Values given are supplied as an aid only, BCFoods is not conducting individual lot testing and does not guarantee specific levels, and thus this information should not be used to determine final product labeling. Please call your BCFoods representative for questions.

BCFoods partners with red and green chili pepper growers in India, Mexico, and China.

All BCFoods products undergo steps to reduce or eliminate pathogenic bacteria and other harmful elements.

Available pathogen control for air-dried broccoli include:

Instant Noodle Seasoning

Packaged Rice & Pasta Meals

Pizza Toppings & Sauce

Seasoning Blends

Seasoning Blends

Meat-Based Snacks & Salami

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We have regional teams that can respond to your inquiry quickly, no matter where you are located worldwide.

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