5 BCFoods Commitments for 2020

on January 13, 2020

To begin, we at BCFoods welcome you into the new year and wish you a very happy and prosperous 2020. 

Looking back at 2019, we have taken stock of and evaluated our successes and challenges. From these, we have formulated our commitments to our customers throughout the coming year. 

Here are our top five commitments for 2020 (click the links to learn more or just read on):

Communication & Customer Service

Customer service – particularly timely communication to our international customers – is an area that we have bench marked for improvement. 

While we have farm bases, processing facilities, and operations worldwide, our customer service team has always been centralized at our headquarters in California. While this works well for our customers based in the Americas, we understand that it has, at times, been an area of frustration for customers from other continents around the world where time differences may mean delay in communication.

In 2020, we are solving this problem.

Starting in March, time differences will no longer impact timely communications in Europe.

We have expanded our customer service team based in the Netherlands office. After extensive training on the full line of BCFoods products, our enforced team will be able to hit the ground running in March of 2020. The California Customer Service team will act as backup. 

BCFoods is committed to stellar customer service for all our customers. Visit our Contact Page to send a message or for direct phone numbers.


Quality has always been a defining characteristic of BCFoods products, and we commit to continuing this in 2020.

As a vertically-integrated dehydrated ingredient supplier, BCFoods has boots on the ground and is hands-on involved with our products from field to fork to ensure food quality and safety for you and your customers. In 2020, we will continue to maintain the highest standards for all the dried vegetable, fruit, spice, and seasoning ingredients we offer.

BCFoods is committed to quality. Visit our Accreditations Page to see our current accreditations and certifications.

On-Trend Product Expansion

As consumer trends change, so do the needs of our customers.

  • In 2017, BCFoods brought Culinary Farms into the fold so we could offer their line of authentic artisanal dried chilies and tomatoes to our customers. This addressed consumer trends toward authentic world flavors and spicy foods.
  • In 2018, we launched our seasoning division and opened a dedicated facility to support growth in this arena.
  • In 2018, we also expanded our spice offerings to include black pepper, white pepper, and Szechuan (Sichuan) pepper. Like the ingredients offered from Culinary Farms, offering these three types of peppercorn speaks to the growing consumer trends toward authentic world flavors and spicy foods.
  • In 2019, BCFoods acquired P. Visser & Zoon B.V. – a spice business in The Netherlands. With this acquisition, we’ve strengthened our supply chain and gained important knowledge of the herb and spice market. In 2020, this location will be transitioning to our BCFoods Europe headquarters.

As we continue to keep track of consumer trends, we will continue to expand our line of dehydrated ingredients for our customers who must meet these trends with their packaged goods. You can look forward to further expansion in BCFoods offerings in 2020:

  • Fire roasted vegetables and smoked salts from Culinary Farms will address growing consumer desire for fire roasted, BBQ, and smoked flavors. Producing these flavors in natural ways that do not add to your end product’s ingredient list addresses the growing Clean Label trend.
  • An expansion of our herb and spice offerings will address the consumer trend toward more flavor with less sodium and sugar.

In 2020, BCFoods remains committed not only to expanding our offerings, but also to working together with our customers to produce custom solutions that meet evolving customer trends. If you are looking for new flavor ideas or need an ingredient you’re not sure we offer, reach out to your sales rep.

Visit our Product Page for a list of our products and to request samples.


As a commercial agricultural producer, BCFoods farms thousands of acres of land to grow tens of thousands of tons of produce. According to the World Resources Institute, only about a quarter of commercial agricultural producers measure and manage their greenhouse gas emissions. We not only measure our emissions but also our effects on soil and ground water. We’re proud of the actions we take to reduce our environmental impact.

With partial funding from the Knorr Sustainability Partnership Fund, BCFoods has increased our efforts to tackle the challenges of water waste, land erosion, pesticide overuse, soil and groundwater contamination, and loss of biodiversity.

In the coming months, BCFoods will be sharing information online about our current Sustainability Projects. Check back at bcfoods.com or follow us on LinkedIn to see what we’re up to.

Giving Back

BCFoods has always been involved in philanthropic activities and organizations. Each BCFoods location has local charities with whom we volunteer or otherwise give back to the community. We are committed to continuing these efforts and more in 2020 to give back to our local communities and the world.

Follow us on LinkedIn to see a few of the ways we help out.

Happy 2020!

With these five promises, BCFoods is committed to improving our product line, customer relations, local communities, and environmental impact in 2020.

From all of us at BCFoods and Culinary Farms, Happy New Year!

Michelle West5 BCFoods Commitments for 2020

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