BCFoods’ White Onion Harvest at Xingtai Factory

on September 13, 2023

BCFoods is excited to share an update on our new BCFoods Xingtai factory (officially opened in November 2020) preparing now to harvest and dehydrate our 2023 White Onion crop. 

We will be harvesting our trial plantings of white onion in the Hebei region starting in the next two weeks. This trial harvest will complement our current Gansu origin Onion crop, which will also be harvested soon.

  • For the Hebei region, one of the big advantages is the larger farmland, with the average size being 100 acres, whereas the average size in Gansu is 1/4 acre.
  • Our Hebei plantings are using the same seeds (sourced in the Netherlands) that we use in Gansu, so we are projecting similar solids at 20%+.
  • BCFoods Xingtai has implemented several sustainability measures including a partnership with the nearby (nextdoor) power plant. This partnership involves repurposing our onion and garlic waste materials for bio-fuel production. We also use their steam resources, which have zero GHG emissions, to support the operation of our dehydration units.
Shannon WesleyBCFoods’ White Onion Harvest at Xingtai Factory

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